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San Jacinto Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Women's Health Clinic - Neelam Gupta, M.D.

San Jacinto Internal Medicine - Neelam Gupta, M.D.

Internal Medicine

We specialize in diagnosing conditions in adult patients and the management of their chronic conditions.
San Jacinto Geriatric Medicine - Neelam Gupta, M.D.

Geriatric Medicine

Delivering the highest quality of care to our seniors for the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities.
San Jacinto Women's Health Clinic - Neelam Gupta, M.D.

Women's Health Clinic

Diagnosing and treating conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing.
San Jacinto Sleep Medicine - Neelam Gupta, M.D.

Sleep Medicine

Improve your sleep quality through diagnosis, treatment, and personalized care.

Patient Reviews for Dr. Neelam Gupta

lisa clemetson
lisa clemetson
August 16, 2022.
I've been going here 2 years now I'm 9n great health thx Dr.Gupta&Dr.Balu!!
Joyce Simler
Joyce Simler
May 17, 2022.
The doctor is wonderful, unfortunately, his staff does not have the attitude the doctor does! Office staff thinks you are nothing more than an interruption of their time. Note this does not apply to the doctor's nurse assistance. 86 y.o. hubby went for sleep apnea test. The facility did not even have a urinal and I had a choice of looking nearby for one, or, going 5 miles home to get one. Young men at sleep study center could not have cared too much less. When we met with Dr. Gupta, he immediately instructed office manager to purchase some for the center.
None Your business
None Your business
May 5, 2022.
Great place Great doctor's and staff....but were is doctor Neelam Gupta ... haven't seen much of her....I miss joking around with her ....but awesome office.... 👍
Jonathan Lake
Jonathan Lake
January 18, 2022.
Dr Neelam Gupta is a professional. Though there have been times when I was hesitant to go for testing or blood work. She does get the job done. I am grateful to her for being a big help! I had no insurance for years. I suffered until the ACA opened the door. Now my bp is under control and my health has been improving. She does reference my medical records in order to improve my care. If you put the time in and have patience you will see results. I wasn't sure at first but now I am relieved that my health continues to improve. A Doctor can't cure you over night but put the time in and you will get results. I do agree the staff could use improvement. Walking in you will see a vast amount of medical records. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that many people. I do well simply taking care of myself. Give this office some of your time and you will benefit. Dr Neelam Gupta is a blessing to all her patients!
Alaina Loe
Alaina Loe
September 25, 2021.
Had an amazing experience. The gentleman who connected all my wires was soo kind and soft spoken and very helpful. I felt very comfortable and safe there last night. The wirings uncomfortable lol but it’s to be expected

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Dr. Neelam Gupta, M.D.

About Dr. Neelam Gupta, M.D.'s Practice

Dr. Neelam Gupta’s medical office has one desire: to help you achieve all your health goals.

Dr. Gupta provides the following services: Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Geriatric Health and Women’s Health.

Dr. Gupta is an experienced and highly skilled physician who can diagnose and treat most health conditions. Her focus is also on preventive medicine. Patients can expect her to do all she can to prevent future health issues. Dr. Gupta has a broad range of healthcare experience and understands that patient treatment goes beyond simply diagnosing and treating the symptoms. Her patients are assessed for their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs.

Dr. Gupta strives to provide the highest quality of care for you or your family in San Jacinto, CA.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, as well as the HMO plans provided by AetnaAlignment HealthcareAnthem BlueCrossAnthem BlueShield CaliforniaBrand New DayCignaHealth NetHumanaScan Health Planand United Healthcare.

If you do not see your plan and would like to speak with one of our team members to check coverage, please contact us!

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